Top 3 online security threats we can expect this year

Hackers are persistent. They never give up. They can even break strong barriers to entering a network and hack information. We are always facing threats from hackers, and every time we see something new. Here are the online security threats we can face this year.

Extortion Hacks


In this kind of attacks, hackers get access to sensitive company data and threaten to release this information to public or competitors if the company doesn’t pay them the amount of money they demand. So, even if you have backed up your data, if the sensitive information is released, it might ruin your company’s reputation, and you might lose customers.

Attacks which change data


Instead of deleting or releasing data, hackers change or manipulate the data. This may affect the entire business operation. Hackers may change the companies financial information, and other sensitive information.

Chip-and-pin innovations


Hackers emboss stolen data onto fake cloned cards and use it for fraudulent purchases in stores. This type of security threat can be expected this year. However, banks have taken certain measures to deal with it. The cards now contain a chip that confirms it as a legitimate bank card, and a one-time transaction code is generated with each purchase.

Hackers are very intelligent people. No matter how hard you try to protect your privacy, they will come up something new to break into that privacy and steal your information. You need to be careful with how you handle data online to keep your personal information and sensitive company information safe from the hackers.