How Popular Are Supplement Consumption in the Entertainment Industry?

As much as we don’t want to admit it, celebrities in the entertainment industry won’t survive without talent and good looks. To keep up with appearances and fitness, celebrities spend hours at the gym, high-end beauty treatments, and healthy lifestyles.

Celebs have recently started becoming more endorsed in supplements that help them with their upkeep. From detox diets to yoga “selfies,” celebrities are sharing their favorite vitamins that keep them looking their best. With all the latest updates for new supplements trending, chances are they’ve already been around the Entertainment Industry for quite some time.

So, what supplements are currently popular in the entertainment industry?

While every celeb in the industry is associated with an army of trainers, nutrition gurus, and dermatologists, many explain how their secret to a fit body and healthy glowing skin all comes from popping vitamins and supplements, which they swear by for everything from fighting cellulite, colds, and giving a boost of energy.

Today’s Hollywood stars claim to be “just like us,” but we all know there’s more than the average salad and hours-long gym sessions. Celebrities have more advantages than most of us have access. From training to personal chefs, plastic surgeons and even doctors on call – a team like that will always get you in perfect shape with great skin and amazing hair.


When it comes to internal health and longevity, Resveratrol has gained a reputation for being a powerful antioxidant that stems from grapes. The oral supplement is claimed to be as much as twenty times more potent than a glass of red wine.

This also means that Resveratrol can increase your metabolism. Fight free radicals, build up endurance and give you a boost of energy. Additionally, the abilities of resveratrol can improve your physical health and even reserve signs of aging on our skin. Actresses Jennifer Aniston and Emily Blunt have claimed to use a resveratrol serum that is applied to the neck and face in benefit of its anti-aging effects. If you haven’t noticed, they both have amazing skin!

Kim Kardashian has also said she uses a diet product that contains superfood ingredients such as chromium picolinate and grape seed extract to promote fast weight loss. While her diet pills can run as much as $200 a month, other brands on the market do just as well for a fraction of the cost.

Hollywood celebs are known for their crazy routines and diets to lose weight. However, with society becoming more and more health conscious each day, the process of losing weight has become all the more important.

Garcinia Cambogia

It seems as if Garcinia Cambogia was Hollywood’s best kept diet secret as the diet pill worked as a powerful appetite suppressant and weight-loss aid for more than ten years. However, in 2010, the weight loss support gained popularity as celebrities like Kelly Osbourne, Star Jones, and Jennifer Lopez all claimed to have successful used Garcinia Cambogia supplements to aid in their weight loss.


Wondered why most celebrities have such amazing hair? Stars claim to take protein-enriched supplements such as Viviscal to promote thick hair growth to thin, damaged hair. With Viviscal, your hair will grow fast like wildfire and bring back life to heat damaged hair as well as prevent hair loss.

Hair Vitamins

Hairinfinty is one of the most popular celebrity-endorsed supplements that are full of beneficial ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin B, amino acids, and horsetail herb. The keratin helps to increase and strengthen hair and nails and bring them to a healthier state.


Noticed how many famous male celebrities bulk up for the big screens? This supplement has been deemed as a powerful secret weapon that is used by bodybuilders and celebrities all over the world. The supplement has been proven to enhance athletic strength and performance as well as pump blood into muscles, deliver nutrients to the muscles, and increase muscle size and definition.

With thousands of supplements to choose from, find out what celebrities in the Entertainment industry are using and how they may influence what you take. Hollywood is filled with dieticians, naturopaths, and doctors who are well aware of the best supplements available on the market today.

The result of supplements is quite evident in their Hollywood clients who all seem to never age and have great bodies. Have you tried any of these popular supplements? How have they worked for you?

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