5 Steps to use secured password to protect your data

Many people still don’t use the proper anti-virus to protect their computer from virus attacks. But the number of hackers is increasing, so you need to protect your data so that it doesn’t get stolen. Here are five steps you can take to protect your data.

1. Choose the right password

The password is a crucial step to internet security. You should choose the right password. Software that are used to hack a password are free. So, you should make your password complicated so that hackers cannot find out easily.You can use something with a combination of text, numbers, and symbols. You can swap numbers for equivalent letters; like ‘a’ for 1, ‘d’ for 4, etc.  You shouldn’t use something like a password that is related to you. You can choose something memorable that only you know, and it’s hard for someone else to guess. You should avoid using birthdays, close relative names, nicknames, pet names, etc. These can be guessed easily.

2. Change your password

Most people don’t change their password unless they forget it. But you should change your password from time to time. It is better hat you change your password every 90 days.

3. Use two- step verification

Many websites now offer a two-step verification system for accessing your account. After you type your password, the website will ask you to provide your phone number where you will be sent a code. You need to type in that code to access your account. This makes your account much secured.

4. Don’t use the same password

Most common mistake people make to have the same password for multiple accounts. If a hacker gets access to one of your account, he or she can access your other accounts as well. You should have a different password for each account.

5. Type in password in privacy

When you type your password in a public place, make sure no one is watching. There may be people standing beside you or watching you in close corners. You must avoid these situations in Internet Café, workplace, restaurant or other places.

Protecting your password and making it secured is very important today. There are hackers everywhere, and they can easily steal your password and access your personal data. So, use password carefully.